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With increasing focus on protecting the environment and going green, a homeowner may consider roofing options that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Tallahassee roofing professionals can offer homeowners options for a greener home. To qualify as a green roof, it may be made from recycled materials, such as rubber or metal, or it could consist of materials that can be salvaged or recycled at the end of their lifespan. Either way, having quality, durable materials that can be used again is environmentally friendly.

One way to have a greener home is to use shingles made from recycled consumer or industrial waste. By redirecting these materials to manufacture shingles, less waste goes into landfills. In addition, the manufacturer will not need to use raw materials, thus conserving natural resources. High quality recycled shingles have warranties up to 50 years, and they can often be recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Slate and clay roofs are also durable and have long lifespans. Although slate and clay shingles are not made from recycled materials, they can be salvaged for other uses when their lifespan as roofing material ends.

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The natural materials are very heavy, so the building must be inspected to make sure the structure can support the weight of the shingles. Clay shingles are best in warm climates as repeated freezing and thawing can damage the clay. Both slate and clay have reflective properties that are effective in hot climates to keep the home cooler.

Two other recycled materials that are used in roofing are rubber and metal. Rubber roofs are made from recycled radial tires and usually come with a 50 year warranty. They are often coated with ground slate and come in a variety of color options. Not all communities permit rubber roofing, so check the building codes in the area. Another recycled material for roofs is metal. Metal roofs are fire resistant and durable. The metal can be recycled repeatedly. The reflective properties of the material help keep homes cool. One perk of metal roofs is that rainwater can be collected off the roof without concern of residual chemicals. The recycled water can be used to water a garden or to wash a car.

While green roofing materials may cost a little more on the front end, the materials last longer than traditional shingles. By using recycled or green materials, reduced maintenance and replacement needs translate into long term savings.

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