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Tallahassee Roofing: Article About Treating and Preventing Moss On Roofs

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When some people think of moss, they imagine it growing elegantly over classic homes in England. This substance can easily grow anywhere that offers the moisture and shade that it needs, even in the heart of Florida. Moss typically grows in areas that have high temperatures, some level of shade and a frequent source of moisture, which is why it often grows on homes that have larger trees nearby. Moss can take over a roof and spread throughout a house, weaken shingles, creep inside chimneys and take down gutter systems. That is why Tallahassee roofing companies recommend that homeowners contact them the first time they see any moss growing on their roofs.

Homeowners can opt either for treatment or for prevention. Treatment often involves the application of some type of weed killer that eats through the root system and kills the moss from the inside out. Roofing contractors will typically apply the substance to the moss and then use a rake or another sharp tool to drag the moss off the roof. They may apply some clean water as well to ensure that they remove all traces of the moss. Most of the products designed to kill moss contains a high level of chemicals that kill the moss on contact. This allows roofers to eliminate most of the moss growing on the roof with just one application of the product. Depending on the amount and level of growth, it may require multiple applications.

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Those who opt for prevention have two options. The first is the installation of copper shingles. These shingles have a nice and somewhat elegant look that works nicely with many of the architectural styles of homes found in Florida. Copper has a tendency to repel moss and can kill any moss that it touches. Those who don't want to change the look of their roofs might opt for copper strips that roofers apply along the center and edges of the roof, which are just as effective as cooper shingles.

Preventing the growth and spread of moss may also involve the removal of any trees or vegetation near the house. Moss grows faster in areas that have a high amount of shade, which protects it from the sun. Homes with large trees nearby have more than enough shade for the moss to grow and spread. Though roofers usually cannot remove the trees themselves, they might recommend local landscaping crews who can remove those trees after the roofers treat the moss growing on the roof.

If the roof needs work, contractors may recommend that homeowners replace the existing shingles with special shingles that contain copper granules on the surface. These shingles come in the same colors that asphalt and composite shingles come in but repel and kill moss. Like asphalt and composite shingles, these new specialty shingles also repel water and keep water from building up on the roof. Zinc is another option that can kill and repel moss, not as effective but more affordable than copper.

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