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In the past, American homes were clad in either wood or brick. With wood being the most available material, entire cities were made from wooden structures. These homes and other buildings were susceptible to many problems like termites, storms and fire. Even brick structures were susceptible to fire and storms because the roofs were made of wood shakes. Except in areas with the natural resources to produce them, brick homes were a luxury for the wealthy.

Today's homeowners have many options in how their homes are clad. Modern choices in external siding give homes the ability to resist the weather, pests and fire at prices that are affordable to everyone. Advances in materials engineering have empowered today's home to keep its occupants warm, dry and safe while at the same time saving energy. Homeowners who are interested in these newer siding materials can talk to a Tallahassee roofing company that also installs siding.

One of the first innovations in exterior siding was the invention of vinyl siding. Introduced in the 1950s and engineered to resemble clapboard siding, it has become one of the most common siding materials used in America today.

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Modern vinyl siding is easy to install, requires little maintenance, will not rot, is impervious to insects and does an excellent job of keeping a home watertight. On the downside, homeowners who are concerned about the environment prefer other siding options to vinyl because of the negative impact that producing vinyl siding has on the environment.

Fiber cement siding is made from Portland cement, sand and various types of fibers. Like vinyl siding, it is rot proof and termite proof. Unlike vinyl siding, fiber cement siding is also fireproof. It can be made to resemble any of the traditional siding materials but with none of the traditional maintenance. Environmentally conscious homeowners like fiber cement because it is produced from natural products; the fiber portion is often made from recycled materials. Some homeowners do not like to use fiber cement because cutting it produces lots of dust that can be hazardous to health.

For traditionalists, wood can still be used as a siding material. Recent changes to production methods have made using wood a sustainable building practice. By far, the most popular type of wood siding is shakes. Made from cedar, they are naturally resistant to pests and rot. Shakes must be stained every five years to keep them looking their best and able to resist moisture. Additionally, woodpeckers love to peck cedar siding, which leaves the shakes vulnerable. Installing shakes is labor intensive, making them among the most expensive siding options.

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