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It is critical that a roof not be overburdened by too much weight. Heavy loads can cause a roof to sag, crack or outright collapse. A sagging or cracked roof could cause issues with the rest of the home's structure, which makes it imperative to understand how much weight the roof can handle. One way to make this determination is by talking to a Tallahassee roofing professional.

A contractor can look at the condition of the roof to estimate whether it is taking on too much of a load. This can be important if a homeowner wants to add a new roof without taking off the current one or wants to add a porch or a deck to any existing structure. While a variety of factors contribute to the maximum load that a specific structure can safely maintain, there are a few universal factors that impact any roof's ability to hold weight safely.

For instance, a sloped roof is typically designed to carry less of a load per square foot compared to a flat roof. The sloped roof makes up for this by distributing weight evenly across its entire surface. However, the opposite is true of a flat roof.

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It is able to hold more weight as long as it is not concentrated in one area; these roofs are not good at distributing weight along the entire surface. This is why homeowners in northern climates have their roofs raked after a snowstorm.

A roof that is made from concrete can generally hold an almost unlimited amount of weight on top of it. However, if shingles are made from asphalt or cedar, the roof may not be able to handle much more than a few hundred pounds. This is why homeowners should not walk on a roof without protective equipment as shingles can be slippery or break easily.

If material is scraped off an asphalt shingle, it could become exposed to excess sunlight and become brittle as protective volatile gasses that act to deflect the sun's rays are evaporated into the air. As the shingles become brittle, they break and further expose the roof to rot or weakness, which makes it even more dangerous for anyone to walk or sit on the roof.

Making sure that a roof maintains a safe load can keep the roof and the rest of the home structurally sound and safe from the elements. If a roof starts to sag or show signs of weakness, a homeowner should immediately call a professional. Only then should anyone get on the roof and inspect it for possible damage.

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