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Homeowners should be constantly evaluating their shingles for any damage over the years. These consistent observations are critical to roofing care along with a professional's evaluation on a yearly basis. Another crucial part of roofing health is the decking. This sheathing hides beneath the shingles, however, making it difficult to inspect with basic maintenance appointments. When new materials are being installed by Tallahassee roofing contractors, a thorough roof deck inspection can take place.

Each contractor has a different strategy for exposing the roof deck, such as working in sections or removing everything at once. However, all coverings must be removed across the entire deck surface at some point. Shingles and underlayment are the main coverings to remove, but there may also be other barriers for extra waterproofing. Homeowners should notice the deck being exposed in the beginning installation stages, allowing the original plywood to show through for inspection.

Shingles typically have four to six nails affixing one section to the roof. Even with all shingles removed from the deck, nails might still be lodged in the plywood. Reputable roofers remove all these nails even if they're deeply penetrating the wood. Leaving nails in the deck and covering them with new roofing materials only leaves the structure open to potential leaks. Those nails pierce the wood, creating tiny water pathways if moisture does leak under shingles.

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Pulling all nails and filling the leftover holes with caulk is crucial to roof preparation practices.

Deck examination with multiple roofers on the structure is important for a thorough evaluation. Workers look for cracks or deterioration problems. Mold, algae and mildew could be issues if leaks were present in the old roof materials. Roofers must decide whether to treat, repair or replace the damaged decking section. In most cases, replacement plywood is brought in to refresh the rooftop.

Even the most low cost shingle installation lasts about 20 years, so roof decks must be as strong as possible to withstand another few decades of service. With a cleared and evaluated roof deck, workers can add new underlayment and shingles to the structure. Homeowners will have peace of mind that the entire roof system is ready for several decades of reliable use.

Questionable contractors may skip many roof deck inspection points, so it's critical to find a professional with quality installation checklists. There should be considerable time spent during roof preparation compared to physical installation, for instance. Roof decks, joists and other hidden components must be verified for their structural integrity for any installation to be successful.

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