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While homeowners tend to invest a lot of effort to choose a roofing material, color and style, much less focus is placed on choosing gutters and downspouts. However, these parts of the home are typically very conspicuous; therefore, they should deserve attention as well. Oftentimes, gutters and downspouts are unnecessarily added onto a reroofing job by contractors because homeowners may be unfamiliar with these parts of their roofing system.

When receiving quotes for a roof replacement, homeowners should first verify that their gutters and downspouts are also in need of replacement. As a general guideline, gutters that are straight, in solid condition and do not leak can usually be saved. In many cases, gutters that do leak may be repaired separately by a technician who specializes with working with the particular gutter material. Homeowners who wish to keep their existing gutters should choose a trustworthy, experienced Tallahassee roofing contractor who will be able to protect the existing gutters from damage while completing the reroofing project.

Consumers who opt to have their gutters replaced should independently determine the quality and value of their existing gutters. They can require their reroofing contractor to replace them with gutters and downspouts that are made of the same material or one that is of equal value and quality. Ultimately, homeowners should invest at least as much research and deliberation into choosing gutters and downspouts as they would any other critical part of the roof.

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The safest option is to choose the gutter profile that matches the original product that is being replaced. Some contractors may attempt to convince customers that their original gutter style is no longer available. In these instances, the homeowner could simply choose a different gutter material or do research to locate their existing type of gutter to see if it is unavailable.

People who are in the market for a new roof should exercise caution and be aware of contractors who attempt to persuade them to accept a lower quality gutter product. It may save them money initially, but the product may not last and may very well not match the style and overall value of their home. Contractors' motives for replacing gutters vary. It is not uncommon for roofers to prescribe gutter and downspout replacement because they simply do not want to exercise the required level of caution to avoid damaging the existing gutters. Others may simply want to inflate the final cost because of the homeowner's lack of knowledge. Therefore, when considering a roof replacement, research of quality roofers and roofing materials is an essential tool.

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