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Adding insulation to an unheated attic may seem like an easy, straightforward project. However, improper installation could cause a number of problems for the homeowner. If attic insulation is not properly installed, the homeowner could potentially find themselves with blocked air circulation, fire hazards and even trapped moisture. While it is always recommended that an expert Tallahassee roofing contractor assist with installing new insulation in an existing home to ensure that the job is done correctly, it is also a good idea that homeowners have a basic understanding of how an attic should be insulated.

One of the first things that homeowners should determine is if any insulation has already been installed in the attic. The roofing contractor will be able to tell a homeowner whether any insulation is already present, if the insulation has an appropriate R-value and if enough insulation has been installed. They may also advise whether or not the current insulation needs to be replaced or if insulation can simply be added.

It can be difficult for homeowners to determine if their attic insulation was properly installed. In general, however, homeowners should look to ensure that the insulation lays flat and completely covers the floor joists. While there will be clear areas around lighting fixtures for safety reasons, there should be no bald spots or exposed framework.

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If the framework is exposed, all a contractor may be required to do is add a layer of insulation to finish the job.

Proper installation is not just about ensuring that there is enough insulation installed in the attic. There are certain areas that should be free of insulation, including the roof vent areas in the eaves and over recessed lighting fixtures. If the roof vent becomes blocked, the insulation could trap moisture and cause mold and bacteria growth. Sticking insulation over the light fixtures could cause the insulation to become hot and even catch fire. Installing insulation that has foil or paper facing incorrectly can also cause moisture to become trapped in the attic, and this could eventually lead to mold growth or even water damage.

For many homeowners, insulating an attic can reduce the amount of energy they consume and reduce the cost of their heating and cooling bills. This effect, however, can be lost if homeowners improperly add insulation themselves. An expert roofing contractor will ensure that homeowners get the most out of their unheated attic with proper installation of insulation.

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