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When exposed to high levels of sun, strong wind, stormy conditions and general wear and tear, a roof's shingles may begin to peel or discolor. Pebbles may collect in gutters, indicating shingle wear, and mold or algae may appear on or underneath shingles, indicating moisture penetration. Insects or small animals may nest within soffits, further compromising a roof's integrity. Additionally, a homeowner may notice small leaks or water stains appearing in the attic or on walls inside the home.

These are just a few of the many warning signs of a developing roofing problem that could be repaired and remedied by a professional Tallahassee roofing company to prevent expensive and time consuming roofing replacement. Art Construction's professional roofers are always trained and ready to provide the highest level of customer service possible, and they are GAF Master Elite Certified, a certification reserved only for the top 3 percent of roofing contractors in the United States.

Art Construction roofers are experienced in every type of residential roof repair and replacement, and they provide every customer with some of the longest industry workmanship warranties available. Their residential services include roof repair and replacement of almost every type of roofing material available in the industry. This residential roofing team can surface any roof with metal, tile and slate, wood and asphalt.

A roofing contractor from Art Construction of Tallahassee FL can answer your questions about windows or residential roofing.

Metal offers one of the largest lifespans of 50 years. It is reflective of the sun and heat and is resistant to high winds, snow and rain. Metal is also resistant to mold and algae, making it a top pick for roofs. However, for these benefits, metal roofs can be costly.

Tile and slate offer high resilience against harsh weather elements and offer a typical lifespan of 50 years. Tile and slate are heavy and may require additional roof framing for support.

Wood is often considered the most aesthetically pleasing roofing material but may only be allowed according to certain building and fire codes. It provides the same home protection as any other roof but may be more susceptible to weathering and sun damage.

Lastly, asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material used in the U.S., comprising over 75 percent of all roofs in America. Asphalt is the most affordable option, requires minimal or inexpensive repairs, and can provide the basic protection any home needs. Homeowners are advised to contact a roofing professional to help determine what materials and services work best to suit their preferences.

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