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Tallahassee Roofing: Article About Preparing A Roof For Hurricane Season

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Though few things in life are guaranteed, those who live in Florida know that spring practically guarantees a storm or two and possibly even a hurricane. As water surrounds most of the state, even those who live inland are not safe from those high winds, which can easily reach 100 mph or even higher. Many homeowners dread heading outside and seeing what damage those storms left behind, but there are ways with which homeowners can minimize the damage they experience. Locals can work with Tallahassee roofing companies to stabilize their roofs and to protect their roofs against hurricanes and other storms.

The application of roofing adhesive, also known as roofing cement, is one of the best ways to protect against storms. This material dries quickly and serves as an additional dose of protection against high winds and pouring rain. Adding the cement to the edges of shingles, especially those along the edge of the roof, keeps rain from getting underneath the shingles and keeps wind from tearing off the shingles. Experts also recommend using cement on the trusses.

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Roofs with a truss bracing are less susceptible to storm damage than other types of roofs are, and using cement on the edges of the bracing adds to its strength.

Hurricane clips are another great way to prevent storm damage. These little clips fit underneath the roof and serve to better attach it to the ceiling and the rest of the house. This reduces the risk that high winds will tear off the roof. Newer homes often feature designs that allow contractors to install these clips with the existing roof. If the home is older or does not have space for the clips, contractors will need to retrofit the structure to work with those clips. Hurricane straps are similar and look like long metal strips. Contractors secure one side of the strip to the roof and the other to the ceiling in the home.

Homeowners can better protect their homes when they opt for a full inspection prior to the start of hurricane season. Contractors can identify minor problems like loose shingles or bent nails securing those shingles to the roof. They can also alert homeowners of more serious problems, including missing trusses, damaged clips or previous storm damage that impacts the integrity of the roof. Working with a contractor also allows homeowners to pick up some tips and get some suggestions regarding what they can do to protect their homes before the next storm hits.

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