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Tallahassee Roofing: Article About Potential Roof Issues Caused By Trees

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Properties with an abundance of trees tend to be more valuable. Properties also benefit from the presence of tall trees' shade and aesthetics, but there are potential drawbacks to having a property with many trees. This is especially the case when trees are located close to the home; a tree in close proximity to the roof may cause a number of issues requiring the assistance of Tallahassee roofing professionals, unless certain protective measures are adopted.

The limbs of trees located close to a home present a host of problems. Trees that have limbs hanging over the roof can damage the shingles by abrading the surface and reducing the protection the top layer is designed to provide. Abraded shingles reduce the lifespan of the roof and may lead to a greater incidence of roof leaks. The presence of high winds or significant weather events such as hurricanes can cause weak limbs to fall from the tree and onto the roof, resulting in more acute damage that may require emergency repair.

Trees with overhanging limbs allow animals and insects to climb onto the roof and call it home.

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Raccoons look for entry points to the home by lifting up shingles, insects crawl from tree to roof, and birds nesting in the trees peck at the shingles and flashing while looking for insects. This is especially true of woodpeckers, so the presence of a tree near a home may serve as an invitation for roof damage.

In order to protect against this sort of damage, homeowners should be vigilant and trim the branches of trees that are already near the home and should seriously consider removing any trees that pose a threat to the roof. Remove any tree limbs that are weak, dead or growing too close to the roof. The homeowner should be aware of the proper timing of these cuts, however, as trees trimmed during the growing season may experience adverse health effects. It is often best to trim during seasons in which the tree is dormant, though the ideal timing will vary based on the type of tree.

While there is undeniable value in having an abundance of trees on a property, homeowners must also consider the potential cost of the damage that may result. In any case, homeowners should consistently inspect their roof for any issues so that they can be repaired immediately. Proper tree care is just one aspect of roof maintenance, but it is one that should not be overlooked.

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