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When a roof replacement project is necessary, homeowners have countless materials to consider. Traditional asphalt shingles and concrete tiles tend to be the most common products chosen across the nation. Metal paneling used to be seen as too industrial and expensive, but today's attractive products are smart choices for a long lasting rooftop. Tallahassee roofing professionals can discuss metal paneling benefits with homeowners to understand their value over the years.

Shingle roofs are in need of constant repair after storms. Metal panels, however, remain strong against rain, hail and high winds. They cannot bend under normal wind gust forces, leaving them almost untouched through most storms. Only minor dent repairs caused by flying debris are common with metal rooftops. Paneling reduces repair costs over the life of the roof.

Repair issues are rare with metal paneling because it's laid in large sections. Each panel attaches to the structure's support beams. There are no layers that can lift up as there are with shingle designs. Repair issues usually come into play if contractors don't add fasteners properly to the edges. Homeowners need a roofing company with extensive metal paneling experience to affix the materials properly for years of secure property protection.

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One of the most ingenious design points for metal paneling is the fastener protection. Metal materials are heavy, requiring screws instead of nails for attachment. These screws are covered by an attractive seam that extends vertically down the rooftop surface. From an outside glance, this seam is simply a decoration. However, it houses all the fasteners out of harm's way. Weathering, rust and other deteriorating issues can't occur at the fastener site because it's completely covered from the exterior elements.

Although the majority of homes have a traditional roof pitch, some have low or steep slope designs. Metal paneling isn't limited to a certain roof angle, making it one of the most versatile materials in the industry. Shingles, for example, cannot be added to low slope roofs because water can back up under the tabs and rot the wood decking below. Metal materials simply need to be cut and fastened in place for strong protection against any weathering.

Contractors have specific installation strategies to significantly reduce sounds on metal roofs. They'll use insulation and other padding to protect the home from constant vibrations caused by rain and hail. Homeowners can discuss sound issues with contractors to design a rooftop with almost no loud sounds during storms. Customer service combined with quality workmanship completes a rooftop project.

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