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Metal roofs are made from a variety of materials. The most commonly used roofing metal is steel made from an alloy that contains a zinc coating. Copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel, steel coated with stone, and a zinc and tin alloy called terne are other possibilities for property owners. Metal offers many benefits compared to wood or composite shingles. Metal's main drawback is its cost, which is double that of traditional asphalt shingles. Metal can be smooth or corrugated, depending on the preference of the property owner. Metal shingles are another option for owners to consider; they are a little cheaper to install than metal panels.

Tallahassee roofing experts have experience installing every type of roof on the market. The two most expensive metal roof options are copper and standing seam roofs. Copper is just as expensive as zinc roofs because the material costs more to buy in general, but the upside is that copper roofs can last up to 100 years in the right conditions. Standing seam roofs are expensive because it takes a particular skill set to install the roof materials correctly.

Metal offers property owners a huge benefit since it lasts for as long as 50 or 60 years. People who plan to keep a building or home for generations can see a significant return on their investment when they choose metal for their roof.

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Another benefit is that metal roofs add value to a home because they last so long. Some insurance companies offer discounts to people who have a metal roof.

Metal roofs are very durable. They stand up to heavy storms and wind, unlike asphalt shingles that can lift up and tear. Their sturdy construction is another reason that they last so long. Because metal is so much lighter than asphalt shingles, the layers of sheeting under the metal do not easily sag under heavy snow.

The only drawback to metal is the cost of the material and installation. Aluminum is recommended for areas that have salty climates such as properties along the ocean. Steel can corrode over time in areas along coastlines, but in general, zinc protects the metal on inland properties very well.

Another benefit of using metal on a roof is that metal has very little, if any, maintenance requirements. Home and business owners can have the roof installed and forget about it for decades except for yearly inspections. Some experts say that properties with metal roofs have higher resale values.

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