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A leaky roof, if not fixed quickly enough, can have sever adverse effects on the inside of the house. The damage caused by a leaky roof may include mold, rot and water damage. Hiring a Tallahassee roofing professional is the quickest way for homeowners to take control of a leaky roof. However, it's important for homeowners to know the common causes of leaks and what puts them at greater risk of developing leaks.

The first major cause of leaks is damage to a roof's protective covering. For example, shingles lose their protective granules as they age. As the granules wash away, the shingles become exposed to the damaging UV rays of the sun. Over time, this causes the shingles to crack and allows moisture to enter the house. Granules eventually wear away, but the process can be sped up if asphalt shingles are walked on often or if the home is in an area prone to many storms.

Clogged gutters are another cause of leaks and they hinder a roof's ability to shed water properly. Unfortunately, gutters can become clogged fairly easily. Debris and ice can completely stop the flow of water, and as the water pools around the gutters, it starts to build upward. Since roofing materials are only designed to handle the downward flow of water, moisture is easily able to enter the house when it flows in the opposite direction.

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Storms are a major cause of leaks. Strong storms don't just bring heavy rain; they also bring brutal winds, damaging hail and flying debris. The strong winds from a storm can cause tree limbs to fall onto a roof, causing damage or ripping the material right off the roofing deck. Once the roofing material is removed, heavy rain can quickly soak the roofing deck causing rot and mold to set in. If a roof is damaged by a storm, the homeowner has to call a professional right away to get it fixed.

In areas where snow is common, a buildup can damage roofs and cause leaks. One example of this is ice dams, which form as warm air from inside the house melts snow and ice at the peak of the roof. As the water flows down, it refreezes along the edges. The warm air from the roof melts the inside layer of the ice, but the top remains frozen and holds the water in place, allowing it to work itself into the roofing material. This kind of problem can easily be prevented by having a professional install the proper roof ventilation system so that heat in the attic doesn't build up during the winter.

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