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When homeowners are looking to replace the insulation in their attic, they often come across an R-value. However, many homeowners do not know what an R-value means. This can make choosing the right type of insulation difficult. While an expert Tallahassee roofing contractor can always help a homeowner choose the insulation that works best for their home and for their budget, homeowners should have a basic understanding of what the term R-value actually means.

An R-value is the measure of a type of insulation's thermal resistance. The more thermal resistant a certain type of insulation is, the better the insulation is at reducing heat conduction, or heat loss. All components that make up a home's structure have an R-value; some materials, such as insulation, are just better than others. In general, insulation that has a higher R-value will provide more protection against heat conduction.

Different types of insulation have different R-values. For example, foam board insulation often has a higher R-value than fiberglass batting and cellulose. However, this type of insulation works best when it is installed on the outside surface. For many homeowners, this just is not possible, as their homes often have siding or brick installed on the exterior surface. Additionally, this insulation tends to be on the expensive side.

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There are some disadvantages to relying on R-values alone when attempting to make a home more eco-friendly. R-values only focus on conduction, which is one of the three ways in which heat moves. Heat convection, which occurs when heat and moisture travel through the home's envelope, can be caused by homes that are not properly sealed. Heat radiation, or the movement of heat from a hotter surface to a cooler surface, often occurs when UV sunlight hits black or dark roofing material and moves into the attic. The other main problem is that R-values are determined in a laboratory, meaning that the calculation does not take environmental factors into consideration.

Because R-values do not provide the whole picture when it comes to protecting a home against heat loss, homeowners should consider all of the other ways in which their home may be losing heat and wasting energy. Since a major area where heat is lost is the roof, homeowners who are interested in reducing their energy use are recommended to have their roofing contractor assess the roof to determine what insulation would work best and how they can better protect their home against heat loss.

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