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When high winds start blowing, homeowners know their roofs are being put to the test. Oftentimes, roofs remain undamaged after consecutive high winds or severe storms. However, after a long enough period of time, small amounts of damage can add up to one large problem.

The most common assumption of roof damage is that shingles will be ripped off a roof during a storm. While this is an accurate illustration of roof damage caused by wind, it is rarely the first form of damage that occurs. Usually a roof will withstand a heavy battery of wind over several years, but flying debris can easily create small holes in a roof that go unnoticed for some time.

Any Tallahassee roofing professional will advise homeowners that the common problem with roofs during a high wind storm is not the immediate ripping off of shingles but the stress that is applied to different areas of a roof. A roof will experience the most stress and damage along its edges where wind pressure is naturally higher. What results is a peeling effect that slowly but surely wears down the strength of a roof's edges.

Damage to roof edges often starts small and grows through cycles.

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The edge of roofing can start to lift up and be pushed higher and higher by subsequent gusts. Over time this results in small moisture penetrations, and will cause damage to substrate and insulation, which weakens the overall structure of a roof. While a roof's shingles will almost never rip off during an average storm, prior peeling can aid in the creation of such an event.

Flying debris is another significant factor in how high winds damage a roof. Chunks of wood, metal, glass and so on are generally the most damaging factor for roofs. These small and sometimes large chunks of flying material serve to damage roofs in small ways over time, growing into larger problems with every passing storm. Usually the effects of debris will appear as shrapnel on a roof, leaving it exposed to leaks and other infiltrations.

Most people think high winds can rip shingles off a roof entirely, but this is rarely the case. Generally, only hurricanes and tornadoes can do such damage. If there is going to be a hurricane or tornado, there is not much anyone can do to prevent a standard roof from being damaged or destroyed. Just vacate the home and let nature take its course. The most common damage from wind occurs over time in small increments, and should be checked by a homeowner or roofing professional regularly.

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