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There are a number of environmental conditions that can cause damage to a roof, and most roofing materials are designed to withstand the effects of these conditions for as long as possible. When it comes to algae, many types of shingles are treated with an algaecide that keeps growth from causing damage to the roof. While this treatment is effective for a period of time, it does lose its potency over time and it will then be up to the homeowner to prevent algae from causing any damage to the roof.

Regular roof cleanings can be performed by a Tallahassee roofing professional or by a homeowner, but regardless of who completes the job, it is still one that must be consistently performed to protect the roofing materials from damage. The reason it is so important to keep the roof clean and free of algae is the fact that the algae eats away at the roof and dislodges the shingle granules that protect the roof. While some homeowners may think that this is a job for a pressure washer, using pressurized water to remove the algae will generate the same outcome as allowing the algae to remain in place. This is because the pressurized water from the washer will displace the granules from the shingles and expose the roof to damage.

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Bleach is sometimes recommended for this simple roof maintenance project, but there are many drawbacks to using this type of chemical. Not only is bleach dangerous for the environment, but it can also damage the roof flashing and gutters while causing the shingles to become discolored. Lye products are also an option, but because they are corrosive, they will require the homeowner to wear protective gear when cleaning the roof. There are many roof cleaning products that are both non corrosive and safe for the environment, so homeowners may wish to use one of these options instead.

Cleaning the roof in this way will reduce the algae growth, but it will not permanently protect the roof from future growth. Homeowners who clean the roof at least once a year can expect to prevent any damage from occurring due to the presence of algae, but they must consistently perform this sort of maintenance in order to ensure that the roof is protected. There are ways to slow growth, including the use of the metallic strips and stain blockers that are said to delay growth by as much as three years.

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