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Tallahassee Roofing: Article About How Does Humidity Affect Your Roof?

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Roofs aren't invincible. Diverse natural factors contribute to roof wear and tear, and are largely dependent on the location of a given building. For instance, homes and offices in coastal areas may be more prone to sustaining wind damage during hurricane season, while those farther inland could have to resist the weight of heavy pollen loads and plant debris buildup. For Tallahassee roofing owners, humidity is a major concern.

Humidity, or atmospheric moisture, causes a number of interesting changes in building materials, and few are more notable than those occurring in wooden building members. While they're alive, the cells in tree trunks grow in a pattern that lets them absorb water efficiently as they transport water from roots to branches. After these trunks are chopped down and processed for lumber, they're cured or dried for some time to remove any moisture, meaning that they have a relative fluid deficit. When they're exposed to the water laden Florida air, these natural channels are prone to absorb as much wetness as possible. In the process, they may become swollen, and while this isn't immediately observable to the naked eye, over time, the changes in size and shape result in bending and other structural irregularities.

Most lumber is treated via the application of chemicals or other methods to reduce the amount of moisture it can absorb.

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Nonetheless, expansion and contraction do occur as the seasons change and the home absorbs and expels humidity. If improperly ventilated, moist wood can become a breeding ground for mold or can begin rotting away completely. Mildew can cause building occupants to experience severe respiratory problems or allergic reactions, and dry rot may weaken buildings until using them becomes a seriously hazardous prospect.

Structural weakening is another problem associated with building expansion and contraction. When a roof's support beams increase in length or diameter, they may push fasteners out of place or cause old flashing, dried sealant beads and other materials to stretch beyond the breaking point. Wood can also cup and crown when exposed to humidity, bending inwards or outwards, and causing a deformed appearance. Such damage can lead to the development of gaps that permit air to travel in and out of the house or serve as an easy entry point for debris, insects and additional moisture. Over time, structural deficiencies may manifest in the form of obvious cracks in ceilings, walls and plaster, meaning that building owners are better off stopping humidity early on.

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