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A Florida summer can throw all kinds of destructive weather at a home. At some point, most homeowners are likely to encounter severe thunderstorms, hurricanes and strong winds. Tallahassee roofing contractors are constantly working to keep roofs damage free and functional despite the weather that often wreaks havoc on area roofs.

Severe thunderstorms are often accompanied by hail. Hail can damage a roof to the point that it is no longer able to keep water from leaking into the attic, ultimately ruining the home. On a roof covered with asphalt shingles, hail can knock off the reflective mineral granules. This leaves the backing exposed to the sun's ultraviolet rays, which will cause the backing to deteriorate and allow water to flow under the shingles, leading to a leaky roof.

Sometimes, the hail is large and falls with enough force to crack a roof's shingles whether they are asphalt, slate, tile or fiber cement. The result is water that gets under the shingles and ultimately into the house.

Wind can damage roofs in various ways; some of them are subtle, others not so much. During a hurricane, shingles can be blown off which exposes the underlayment to the sun's UV rays. The underlayment will deteriorate quickly and the roof will begin to leak.

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Sometimes, hurricane force winds can pitch a tree through the roof or tear it entirely from the home. During these times, it is important to call a roofer as soon as the storm has passed. Many reliable roofers are able to help homeowners navigate the insurance process and get the home safe and habitable quickly.

When people think of a wind damaged roof, they picture the destruction that often lies in the wake of a hurricane or other severe weather event. This is referred to as catastrophic failure. Unfortunately, strong winds can have a cumulative effect on roofs that will cause them to fail over time. For this reason, it is extremely important for the roof to be inspected annually and for damaged shingles to be replaced.

The summer heat and humidity are tough on a Florida roof. Heat causes asphalt shingles to expand and contract, which causes them to crack over time. When the shingle cracks, it provides a place for the humidity to seep into the roof's structure, which could cause moisture to accumulate in the attic and create mold problems. If the attic is not adequately ventilated, these problems are magnified.

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