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Most people don't consider what life would be like without asphalt shingles, but before they were invented in the United States in 1907, economical roofing options were a lot less safe and reliable. In undeveloped areas, people lived in small, ramshackle houses that they either built themselves or had built by local carpenters, and their wood roofs certainly weren't leak free or safe from fires. In cities, most people lived in buildings made of plain wooden planks, and wealthy people could choose from the latest Victorian roofing styles, such as slate tiles or ornamental wood shakes. In the late 1800s, a roofing cover called roll roofing made use of an abundant resource called bitumen or asphalt to make roofs waterproof and much easier to build. Today, factory trained Tallahassee roofing contractors are specialists in asphalt shingle roof installations because shingles have become the most popular roofing cover in North America.

Roll roofing was made of the same materials as asphalt shingles, but it came in large rolls that were cut into strips and nailed to the beams of a roof structure. Henry M.

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Reynolds saw an opportunity to improve on the economy and reliability of asphalt roofing by cutting it into small rectangles to make it as attractive as the wood and slate tiles available to those who could afford them. His invention, the asphalt shingle, quickly became one of the most popular items available through mail order catalogs. While it provided a convenient, attractive and affordable alternative to wood or slate, it still wasn't safe from fires because the felt substrate used to hold the asphalt was made from wood, cellulose, cotton or some other organic material. Asphalt itself isn't combustible, but it's closely related to petroleum and forms below the soil in lakebeds in a similar process.

The first shingles weren't nearly as economical as modern types because manufacturers hadn't yet developed the standard system for grading materials that now allows them to offer warranties for up to 50 years. Throughout the 20th century, developments in manufacturing technology made shingles fire resistant, more visually appealing and much longer lasting. Substituting organic felt with inorganic alternatives made shingles significantly less combustible, and designing them with tabbed and interlocking styles made them look better by eliminating repetition in their arrangements. Asphalt shingles cover 80 percent of the roofs in North America because they're safer and cheaper than alternatives. With regular inspections to find leaks and repair worn out pieces, they can last most of the time that owners live in a home.

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