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Although other materials exist, home and business owners usually choose between six common roofing materials, each coming in many styles and colors. Those options are asphalt; wood shingles and shakes; clay and concrete tiles; slate; metal, including steel, aluminum, tile and copper; and fiber cement. Contacting a professional Tallahassee roofing company can aid in making a final decision, determining what material works with a property and checking to see if it is permitted by local building ordinances.

The most commonly used roofing material in America is asphalt, making up more than 75 percent of all roofs in the country. Asphalt is low in cost, easy to install and very resilient. However, asphalt shingles are typically made with petroleum and a layer of fiberglass, which means they cannot be recycled. In addition, they only offer low levels of insulation.

Wood shingles and shakes can be the most visually pleasing but can require approval from building codes due to their low fire safety rating. They are also subject to potential moisture damage and attacks from insects. Consult with a roofing professional before deciding on wood shingles and shakes.

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Clay and concrete tiles can be an option that's good for the utility bill though they may come with extra cost in the beginning. These tiles are very heavy and generally require extra roof framing to be built. Clay's ability to reflect the sun and lower a building's internal heat makes it a viable option for lowering cooling costs, and it can be a worthwhile investment. A less weighty option is fiber cement, a composite tile composed of concrete, clay and wood that does not require extra heavy roof structures.

Slate is a favorite for roofing projects as it can last for several hundred years, needing only minor repairs throughout its lifetime. It has a dark, distinctive appearance that cannot be mistaken, and it offers a unique aesthetic appearance like no other roofing material. However, its dark shade makes it vulnerable to high levels of sun, and it can be expensive to install.

Metal roofs are some of the best performing roofs in the world. They provide high levels of solar reflectance, durability and insulation. They are typically lightweight and do not require heavy roofing structures. In addition, they often have a high percentage of recycled content. Metal roofs are resilient against a wide variety of adverse weather too. Property owners should consult with a roofing professional to determine the best material for any roofing project.

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