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When it is time to replace Tallahassee roofing, many factors must be considered before a price for the replacement can be established. Even within the same neighborhood, prices for replacing a roof will vary. Understanding what causes the differences in roofing prices will allow homeowners to make the right choices for their new roof.

The very first factor in determining the cost of a roof will be the square footage of area that needs to be covered. Larger roofs will cost more to replace than smaller ones, and those with additional gables or other architectural designs may increase the area. This is one of the largest factors in replacing a roof and why it varies from home to home.

The next factor that must be considered is the type of roof covering that has been selected for the house. There can be large variations in the cost of asphalt shingles based on brand, warranty length and color. Specialty shingles, like Spanish tiles, can increase the cost of the roof significantly. Working with a professional roofing company will allow homeowners to select a shingle or tile that best suits the home and is within budget.

Pitch and slope as well as height will also determine the cost of the roof. A roof that is located on the second or third story of a home will cost more to replace because it is harder to access and will require special equipment.

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Roofs with very steep slopes may also make the job harder to complete or require special equipment.

House location will also affect the cost of the roof. In the South, for instance, the roof must meet building code specifications to withstand hurricane force winds and rain. Because of this, special hardware and shingles may need to be used.

Structural damage must also be taken into account when estimating the cost of a new roof. Roofs that have been subjected to wind or storm damage or have been leaking may need to have some of the wood underneath the roof replaced prior to placing a new roof on the home.

All of these factors are calculated into the cost of the roof. There may be additional costs added into the estimate, such as extra materials for breakable tiles, local disposal fees and additional costs for special machinery. It is very important that homeowners talk to the roofing contractor about all of the costs associated with replacing the roof prior to giving the okay to start work. Understanding all the costs will help owners make the best decision when replacing a roof.

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