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A small roof leak may seem like just an inconvenience, but tiny leaks can escalate into major problems and endanger the family's safety and health along the way. Smart homeowners keep an eye out for potential roof leaks, watching for some of the most common causes. Many times, homeowners who know what to look for can even prevent leaks from occurring. A reliable Tallahassee roofing contractor can also help local homeowners avoid costly leaks by conducting annual maintenance and inspections and pointing out roof parts that should be routinely examined.

One of the most common sources of roof leaks are items that protrude through the roof, including pipes, vents and chimneys. Any interruptions to the roof surface require special attention and are vulnerable spots. Flashing, rolled roofing, and other protective materials are usually placed around these protrusions to seal their connection to the roof, but they can weather and become damaged over time, allowing water to seep beneath.

In fact, cracked or loosened flashing is another frequent cause of residential roof leaking. Flashing is used around all roof penetrations as well as along the roof valleys, step walls and head walls to cover joints and depressions.

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When the flashing's seal wears away over time or becomes damaged, leaks are possible.

Shingles themselves may also be to blame for leaks. While modern asphalt shingles are extremely durable and weather-resistant, they are not completely invulnerable to harsh weather. High winds, heat and moisture take a toll on shingles and can cause them to crack, tear, loosen, blow off and wear thin. Losing the protective granule layer is often the first sign of a problem, and when a homeowner sees a large amount of granules in gutters, it's time for a thorough inspection.

Overflowing, broken or damaged gutters can also cause leaks by allowing water to wear away at vulnerable roof edges. In order to work properly, gutters must be able to direct water away from the home. Homeowners should clean gutters at least twice a year and watch for any problems that may prevent water from running away from the structure.

If a leak has already occurred, there's no time to dally. Most roof warranties require homeowners to notify the roof manufacturer within 30 days of discovering a leak. Knowing what to look for and watching the roof for signs of problems can help homeowners avoid thousands of dollars of damage to the home and prevent possible safety and health issues for their families.

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