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Clay tile roofs are one of Florida's most distinctive residential features. Clay is a beautiful roofing product that can last for over a century. In order to keep a clay roof in the best possible shape, routine cleaning and maintenance is very important, and is usually best left to a professional. Clay tile is slippery when wet and can be easily damaged. Working with a certified Tallahassee roofing professional will keep a home's clay roof intact and looking great.

Though clay tile is durable and stands up under extreme Florida weather, it is prone to algae, dirt and mold build up. If left untended, this can affect roof drainage, and can lead to leakage and/or broken tiles, which can ultimately affect the home's structural integrity.

Cleaning the roof with a bleach solution every few years can take care of the problem, but it may be best to have a professional complete the work. Traditionally-shaped S or C curved clay tiles are not meant to hold a person's weight, so walking on them will break them. Even flat tiles may crack under body weight. A professional will know how to clean them safely, without damaging them.

A roofing contractor from Art Construction of Tallahassee FL can answer your questions about residential roofing or insulation.

Most roofing contractors are happy to provide an annual inspection and maintenance contract for a reasonable cost.

Efflorescence may also affect a clay tile roof. This occurs with new clay tile installations and is a natural part of the aging process. Lime in the tiles reacts with air and rain water to create light-colored or white streaks on the tiles. Though these streaks will disappear over time without any intervention, they do dull the surface temporarily. They can be removed by lightly buffing the roofing surface.

As with other roofing materials, it is important to make sure that debris and tree limbs are cleared from a tile roof on a regular basis. During the annual inspection and maintenance, the roofing contractor can take care of these issues, and also make recommendations for keeping debris at a minimum by evaluating the landscape and surrounding area.

Some homeowners elect to seal their clay tile roofs, but sealants aren't necessary to the longevity and durability of the roof. Usually the disadvantages of sealants outweigh any advantages. Sealants only last a short while and so must be reapplied every few years. Additionally, the surface must be completely clean before applying the sealant, and some cleaning processes can strip the natural protectants in the tiles.

Routine inspection and cleaning should be ample for keeping clay tile in great shape for many years.

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