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Tallahassee Roofing: Article About Clay Roof Basics

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Clay roofing materials, like those installed by Tallahassee roofing experts, are an attractive product for people looking to give their home a Spanish or Mediterranean style look. People in warmer climates like Florida and southern region of the U.S. often choose this type of material because it easily matches the style of beach homes. These types of tiles are durable because they are made to last for as long as 50 years. They are very versatile since they can be tinted to match any number of color choices. Homes and businesses add value with this type of roofing because the roof is expected to last for so long. Another benefit from using clay is that it is safe for the environment. Clay tiles are about double the cost of asphalt shingles, but that is expected since they last for a longer period.

One of the best benefits of clay is that it is not able to burn. Homes and businesses that have clay roofs are better protected against wildfires and sparks because they do not catch fire. Clay does not draw termites either, so property owners do not have to worry about roof damage from these pests. Clay is good for the environment since it does not require the use of chemicals to make the tiles.

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Because it lasts so long, clay adds a lot of value to a home or business that is usually transferable to new owners. Clay tiles are colorfast as long as they are fired in a kiln, so property owners do not have to worry about fading.

Experts warn about drawbacks that property owners should think about when considering clay tiles for their home or business. Clay can become damaged when someone walks on it, so inspections should be done from a ladder if possible. The biggest disadvantage to using clay tiles on a roof is the weight that it puts on the structure. Experts recommend that property owners who are thinking of using clay tiles should get quotes from companies that have experience with clay roof installations.

Clay tiles are tricky to install because of their delicate nature. Experts recommend using a professional for cleaning gutters and maintaining chimneys. Property owners who use clay for their roof never have to worry about finding replacement tiles since clay is such an easy material to acquire. As long as the tiles are installed with the proper sheeting and flashing, leaks are easy to avoid.

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