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Ballasted commercial roofs are a unique option for building owners. They are unlike any other type of roofing system. They incorporate loose materials that can be arranged to add a stylistic flair. Some building owners take advantage of the ballasted roof by creating a space for people to enjoy. They provide a number of benefits and are generally easier to install.

Tallahassee roofing companies create ballasted roofs by simply assembling all of the pieces. The components of the roof aren't fastened together. Instead, the weight of the components keeps everything together. The process begins with a vapor barrier to protect the roof deck. While it isn't fastened to the roof deck, seams are sealed to provide a tight barrier. A waterproofing barrier is then secured to the parapet. A layer of insulation and filter fabric is then added.

After these layers are placed, a material is poured over all of the layers to secure them in place. Building owners can truly customize the space by choosing what type of material to use. The most common choice is aggregate. Aggregate is composed of crushed stones or gravel. Building owners may also choose to use marbles, stones and anything else they want. This provides a stable walking surface while protecting the roof and providing additional insulation.

A roofing contractor from Art Construction of Tallahassee FL can answer your questions about insulation or windows.

Tiles can also be incorporated to create a walkway. Alternatively, building owners can choose to use soil. This soil creates a green space where plants can thrive.

One of the biggest advantages to ballasted roofs is their energy savings. The multiple layers of materials do wonders in terms of insulation. Their thermal performance is high compared to other roofing materials. They prevent the transfer of heat, making the building feel more comfortable. Building owners will be able to save money by not having to run air conditioners or heaters as often. The effectiveness of the insulation depends on the material that is used. Generally, green roofs are more effective at insulation than aggregate roofs.

Overall, ballasted roofs are a great option for building owners. This versatile choice allows owners to have full control of their roof. Building owners essentially increase their usable space. These roofs can be made into recreational spaces and gardens. Ballasted roofs are also much safer than other roofing systems. They have the highest fire safety rating possible due to the material used. With the help of professionals, building owners can create a ballasted roof they can enjoy.

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