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Homeowners looking to increase the energy efficiency of their home must sort through many product brochures to determine the best materials. Insulation is an obstacle between a building and the outdoor environment. When choosing insulation, a homeowner should know where to install the insulation as well as the product's R value. The right choice will save money, will reduce noise, and can provide a comfortable living space. A completely insulated building encompasses the entire house from the roof soffits to the foundation.

However, to maintain the maximum benefits of the filling, a homeowner should consult a professional with a Tallahassee roofing company to inspect for air leaks and seal any holes that would minimize the effectiveness of the insulation. A homeowner should also discuss with an associate the different types of materials and whether loosefill insulation is a good option for their home.

One such product for consideration is the AttiCat Expanding Blown In Loosefill Insulation System. The blown in insulation installs the fiberglass in pockets throughout the exterior and all over the attic to capture the air that rises. However, not all homes are designed the same. Thus, the complex architecture may require blown in insulation that can maneuver into awkward spaces.

AttiCat's Insulation Blowing Machine expands the materials by separating and fluffing the fibers producing hundreds of air holes that ramp up the AttiCat's insulation capability.

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Miniscule cavities trap the insulation, which prevents warm air from escaping or returning to the home during summer months. Based on AttiCat's air pocket creation, the insulation does not settle down into the rafters but remains on the top, increasing its energy saving capabilities. Furthermore, AttiCat's Expanding Loosefill insulation can be trusted to sustain the product's R value throughout its lifetime.

Also, Loosefill Blown insulation is naturally resistant to fire. Additional flame retardant chemicals that can cause corrosion of wiring and pipes are not required. Moreover, the fiberglass elements contained in the product does not deteriorate, nor is it susceptible to vermin. The fiberglass is naturally mold and mildew resistant. However, when in contact with moisture the insulation will grow mold and reduce the effectiveness of the product. It is imperative then that homeowners repair leaks that may cause damage and create harmful living conditions.

Finally, the best way to soundproof the home is to contain noise from the attic and walls. AttiCat's fluff blown in insulation will keep noise controlled, helping families play music, or watch TV when someone else is sleeping.

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