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Honeybees are an important part of the landscape as they work to pollinate flowers, trees and crops that humans consume. Many people even grow plants that bees are attracted to. Unfortunately, the insects sometimes decide to build their hive in a place that is inconvenient to property owners. When honeybees locate a beehive in the roof of a home, this can be a danger for the home's residence and a problem for the safety and structural integrity of the roofing system. With help from a beekeeper and Tallahassee roofing specialists, homeowners can have the hive safely removed from the home's roof, air vent or gutter system.

Bees most often gain access to the interior of a building through tiny crevices or cracks such as around the seal of air vents. Only a few millimeters of width is needed for the bees to make their way inside. Honeybees congregate in groups of several thousand insects, and all of them will go into the house to start building a new hive. In just a few days, often before the homeowner even notices the presence of bees, there could be an extensive honeycomb structure.

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One thing that the homeowner should not do is close off the air vent in an attempt to starve or suffocate the bees. The bees will die, but the leftover honeycomb will melt into the roof and walls, causing interior damage to the wood.

Instead of trying to plug up the roof's air vent, homeowners can contact a beekeeper to safely remove the bees and the hive. Once the entire hive is gone, the homeowner should call a roofing specialist. The roofers will inspect the rooftop and determine how the bees gained access to the inside of the roof, attic or walls. Once the roofing team has determined the entry point of the insects, repairs can be made so that no new groups of bees or other animals will be able to get inside the house.

The most common roofing repairs needed to prevent bees from regaining access to the home's roof include adding new caulking around the air vent openings and replacing any rotted wood around the soffits, fascia and rooftop. Roofing cement can also be used to seal up small openings between the plywood of the roof and the home's walls. A finer grade of mesh wire can be stapled to the louvers and grates of air vents for added protection against insect infestations.

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