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Installing a skylight in a home has many advantages. The warmth and beauty skylights bring into any room is a health benefit since natural light plays a vital role in people's emotional health. Skylights can be a great way to lower energy costs. In the past, skylights were frowned upon because they were notorious for leaking and problematic installation; however, today's skylights have significantly advanced and have overcome past problems.

Skylights bring in the sun's natural light to create a room that is cheerful and inviting. Natural light has been shown to improve mood and to alleviate symptoms of certain mood disorders. Skylights also add architectural interest to a home and increase its value. Ganging skylights increases their architectural beauty. Because they are placed on the roof, skylights require installation techniques that only a professional roofer has mastered. Homeowners who are thinking about installing a skylight should consult an experienced Tallahassee roofing contractor.

In addition, modern skylights can save homeowners energy, which also translates into saving money. Because they make use of natural light, homeowners do not need to turn on the lights during the day. Additionally, vented skylights open up to let hot air out of the house. At certain times of the day, this naturally created convection current can reduce or eliminate the need for using the home's air conditioner, which save the homeowner money.

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Older skylights were generally made from a fixed single pane of glass in a wood or aluminum frame. Like today's energy efficient replacement windows, modern skylights utilize combinations of energy efficient technologies that make a skylight able to resist the tendency to heat up the room in which they are placed. Modern skylights have fiberglass frames, spectrally selective coatings, and double or triple pane glass that insulate against heat transfer and keep the sun's ultraviolet rays from damaging the home's art, carpet and upholstery.

Installing a skylight requires the expert flashing techniques of a master roofer. Usually, the manufacturer provides a kit that contains flashing pieces that are custom made to fit the skylight's shape. Most often, improper installation of the flashing is what causes a skylight to leak. Flashing must be installed beneath the roof's shingles and from the bottom up with a technique similar to that of flashing a chimney. When installed correctly, many manufacturers guarantee that their skylight will never leak. As with all flashing, the skylight's flashing must be periodically inspected and replaced to ensure leak free performance.

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