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Art Construction offers replacement windows to update older single-pane windows. They can install energy efficient windows that save homeowners money on their power bill while offering an insulating quality that is superb.

When choosing to replace windows, Art Construction looks to windows designed to last through many weather conditions and temperatures while providing maximum energy efficiency. They have the homeowner's best interest at heart and will help them choose the best replacement windows based on certain qualities such as, efficiency, low maintenance, insulated frames, Low-E glass, Tilt-in sash and curb appeal.

There are many styles, shapes and sizes of windows. Art Construction offers a variety of styles to meet any homeowner's needs when replacing windows. There's a style of window for every budget.

Double-hung and single-hung windows have sashes that slide vertically. The only difference between those two is that single-hung windows only have a bottom sash that moves.

Slider windows are perfect for small spaces. They have either one or both sashes that slide horizontally.

Casement windows have hinges that are located on one side only. These windows open outward.

Awning windows are hinged on the top. These windows open outward.

Bay or Bow windows are a combination of three or more windows that are curved outward. These windows are often installed to increase light in the home, as well as, adding views that cannot be seen from a standard window.

Picture windows are a large stationary panel that is usually used in combination with other windows. They offer views and plenty of light into the home.

A Garden window is a box-style window that extends out from a wall. These windows create a perfect spot to put plants offering a healthy dose of sun.

Art Construction proudly uses Marvin windows in homes. This brand of window is perfect for the Panama City area because they are known for their quality, performance and durability. They are built to resist extreme elements.

Each window is constructed with wood and feature extruded aluminum cladding that is stronger than the standard roll-form aluminum. When Art Construction puts in these windows, homeowners can rest assured that they are made with commercial strength and durability.

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