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Art Construction is one of the region's leading choices for new doors. No one likes to deal with doors that creak, squeak, or don't fit properly, but many homeowners find themselves living with those doors until they can afford a replacement. Few people realize the benefits that come with replacing a front, side, or back door.

Soundproofing is one key benefit. Hollow core doors lack padding inside, which allows noises to easily come through from the street and yard and disturb the home's occupants. The contractors at Art Construction know that many homes in the area have lower quality, thinner doors that don't offer any type of soundproofing, and they can easily help homeowners find a new door to replace the one they have.

Replacing a front door, also known as an entryway door, can also add curb appeal and value to the home. This simple change instantly boosts the appearance of the house. Neighbors and those passing by might change the way they feel about a home based on that new front door. People who are hoping to sell their homes will also find that a new door will attract more buyers who want a home that pops and has great curb appeal.

Entryway doors are far from the only option available to homeowners today. French doors have an attractive look and work well when used with a patio. This design comes with two doors that swing open, but the doors also feature a locking mechanism that allows homeowners to keep one door locked and one door open.

Sliding doors are another option. Often used on a patio or as an exit onto a lawn, the doors have a track along the top and bottom of the frame that lets the doors slide open and closed.

Homeowners may also want to look into storm doors. Storm doors serve as a protective element for the house and keep the main door safe from hail, sleet, rain, and high winds. Art Construction has years of experience installing all types of doors and helping locals choose new doors that will match with the design and feel of their homes.

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