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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Wood Roofing Is A Great Option

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Homes have a distinctly beautiful appearance with a wood roof. Wood adds an extra level of character and sophistication to the property. In addition, a wood roof will last much longer than a more common asphalt roof. With the advantages of added value to the home and improvements in energy efficiency, it makes sense to talk with Santa Rosa Beach roofing experts about the available options for the area.

Wood roofing materials come in two major forms: shingles and shakes. Both of these materials are most commonly made from cedar wood. White cedar has become more popular due to the availability of the wood and the ability to harvest younger trees. Red cedar has historically been the most popular option and is still highly sought. Both types of cedar offer the same level of protection and appearance.

A wood roof is much more energy efficient than an asphalt roof. This provides added savings in the form of monthly energy expenses. The roof is also extremely ecologically friendly in that it is completely recyclable. Once the roof is in need of replacement, it is very easy to simply grind the shingles or shakes into mulch as they are completely made of wood. This creates less impact on landfills and the environment as a whole.

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Cedar wood shingles or shakes will last significantly longer than many other types of roofing. While an asphalt roof will typically last no more than 20 years, a wood roof can last more than 50 years. This is dependent upon the local climate and proper maintenance along the way by the homeowner.

While these roofs do cost more than asphalt shingles, they are still a more affordable option as compared to clay, concrete or slate tiles. Proper maintenance and quick repairs are also important with regard to this type of roof. While they are naturally resistant to rot, mold and fungus can grow on the roof. It is important to routinely clean the roof to protect against this. Keeping the roof free of debris after severe weather can also keep tiles from being loosened or completely breaking off.

Finally, as beautiful as these roofs are, it is important to speak with a roofing professional about the level of fire retardant that is applied to the tiles. This is standard for all wood roofing tiles, but ensuring ample protection is very important and cannot be ignored. The roofer will be able to provide all necessary information about fire protection.

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