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Many flat roofs are less expensive than other varieties because residents of a home or occupants of a commercial building can use all the space above and below the roof. These roofs have a smaller surface area than sloped roofs, so less material is needed for construction and maintenance as well. Flat roofs can provide additional storage, tennis courts, space for a deck or patio, or the perfect base for a beautiful living roof. An experienced Santa Rosa Beach roofing professional can help homeowners choose the best flat roof for their home. Here are some of the most popular types of flat roofs.

Modified bitumen is a type of tar with rubber added to form lightweight asphalt. Some varieties also contain plastics. Modified bitumen was developed in Europe in the 1960s, and it's been used in Canada and the United States since around 1975. It comes in a large roll that's often covered with mineral granules similar to asphalt shingles. Older systems involved heating adhesive with a torch as the material was unrolled, but newer peel and stick systems are much safer and more convenient to install. They also resist scratches and tears.

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Homeowners can choose a style that looks like metal or asphalt. Lighter colors reduce energy costs by absorbing less sunlight, keeping homes cooler in summer.

Built up roofs are made from three or more layers of waterproof material alternated with hot tar. They're also called hot tar and gravel roofs because the top layer is usually smooth river stone or gravel, which helps keep the other layers in place. Newer products have a rigid insulation layer as well as fiberglass or organic mats. The separate layers are called ply sheets. Built up roofs are attractive, fire resistant, durable and low maintenance. However, they may need to be reinforced because of their added weight, and gravel can clog gutters.

Single ply membranes are often referred to by their chemical names, like ethylene propylene diene terpolymer or EPDM. This durable material resembles an inner tube, and it's engineered to resist damage from sunlight and tearing. It's easy to install and repair, but it's more vulnerable to punctures than some other options. Lighter, more energy efficient roof coatings, which are recommended in warm climates, add about one third to the cost. These roofs are particularly resistant to bad weather like hail and hurricanes. They're also fire resistant, and the rubber can withstand cold weather.

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