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Because the roof of a home covers such a great amount of surface area, it is prone to damage from sudden and accidental events such as severe winds, a fallen utility pole or tree, or a hailstorm that punctures the asphalt shingles. Any damaged areas on the roofing system require prompt repairs in order to avoid further problems with the home's walls, ceilings, floors and foundation. After an inspector from a Santa Rosa Beach roofing service has assessed the situation, homeowners will need to determine whether to file an insurance claim to recover costs for the damages. Understanding what qualifies for reimbursement or coverage under the insurance policy allows homeowners to make sound repair and replacement decisions.

Many insurance policies are filled with pages of fine print that list all the excluded parts and situations. Circumstances of roof damage that are typically not covered by a homeowner's insurance policy include situations of neglect, routine wear and tear and insufficient maintenance. In some locales, specific exclusions may also include weather events such as hurricanes and tropical storms. Special riders may be needed in order for the property owner to be reimbursed for damage resulting from any of those causes.

Unfortunately, a heavy rainfall is typically not a situation in which an insurance company would reimburse a homeowner for roof damage.

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This is considered a wear and tear or maintenance situation as a roof in good condition would not allow water to permeate into the structure.

Most insurance policies provide coverage for damaged roofs that result from a severe storm, such as a windstorm or hailstorm. If a storm causes a tree to fall on the house and break the roof, this is also usually covered. In most cases, the policies provide reimbursement or upfront repair coverage for the roofing as well as any parts of the home's interior that were damaged due to the roof problem. For example, a tree falling through the home's roof may also cause damage to a window, one or more walls, floors, furnishings, electronics and other property.

When the damage to a home's roof is so extensive that the structure cannot be lived in, the homeowners may need to look into whether or not the policy offers a clause for "loss of use." This kind of coverage pays for or reimburses for the costs of a hotel or temporary living quarters for the home's residents while repairs are being made.

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