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Roofing involves a lot of work with sharp tools and equipment with blades. There are a number of safety hazards associated with doing so. This is especially true when working with power tools. Therefore, safety conscious Santa Rosa Beach roofing companies use many precautions.

Sharp tools are never carried in pockets where they can poke through the fabric and cause injury. Instead, they are carried in a tool belt made of a durable material like leather. Dull tools are never used because they can slip and cause an injury and are ineffective to begin with.

When a board, shingle or any type of roofing material is being cut or sawed, it is always propped up on some kind of stable surface. Safety conscious roofers never use their knees to prop up roofing material they are cutting. A power saw is never used to cut small pieces of wood off other small pieces. Small pieces are only cut off of larger pieces when using a circular saw. The smaller the piece of wood being cut is, the more important it is to clamp it down.

Power tools such as circular saws present many dangers. When changing or touching a blade on any power tool, the power cord is always unplugged.

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This is the only way to guarantee that the tool will not turn on. Merely having the power switch off is not a guarantee.

When using any saw, hands are always kept away from the blade. Work gloves and eye protection are always worn when working with sharp tools. Circular saws are always held with both hands to guarantee that one of them will not be cut.

All cutting involved with roofing work is done in adequate lighting. Working outdoors in the dusk makes working with blades and sharp tools more dangerous. Safety conscious roofers know to stop for the day when it is too dark to be working with sharp tools.

The wrong type of clothes and apparel can be a safety issue when roofing. Loose clothing that can get caught is not worn. Long hair is tied back so that it cannot be caught or pinched, and dangling jewelry is avoided.

Safety conscious roofers never work with sharp tools or do any other roofing task under the influence of drugs and alcohol. In addition, fatigue can become a safety hazard. Safe roofers know not to push themselves past the point where they can make mistakes from being too tired.

Finally, safe roofing is a state of mind. Good roofers remain alert at all times for potential safety hazards and know that a danger could present itself at any moment.

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