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At one time, attic insulation in warm climates received little attention. In warm climates where temperatures seldom dip below freezing, the necessity of preventing the escape of heated air is a minor consideration.

However, attic insulation serves a secondary role: that of repelling heat. During hot, steamy summers, increasing the insulation value in an attic reduces heat gain. This reduces energy costs for air conditioning and the workload of air conditioning system components.

Santa Rosa Beach roofing companies know how to do attic insulation projects to accomplish this task. One part of the project frequently ignored by homeowners attempting to do it on their own is the necessity of installing insulation baffles.

Rafter vents is another term for insulation baffles, but whatever the terminology, they insure optimum performance of insulation by permitting outside air to access the attic space through soffit vents and escape through ridge vents at the top of the roof. Vents blocked by insulation trap heat and moisture, creating the potential for mold and mildew to form and rotting roof construction materials.

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Professional roofs who use blow in fiberglass insulation take the extra step of adding a block, typically rigid foam insulation, in order to prevent the fiberglass insulation from being blown into the soffit area and blocking soffit vents.

Insulation baffles cost very little. Usually made from polyvinyl chloride plastic, rigid foam and even cardboard, installation requires only staples to hold them in place between rafters and the roof deck.

Along with protecting vents during the installation process, baffles continue to function by preventing the insulation from shifting due to wind that blows through soffit vents.

Proper use of insulation baffles makes it possible to cover every available inch of attic space. Without them, installing insulation requires avoiding soffit vents, leaving an important part of the attic uninsulated, reducing the overall effect of the added insulation.

For insulation projects where the intent is to convert an attic to a heated or cooled space, insulation between the rafters makes it important to install baffles to allow heat and moisture to escape from in between the insulation and the roof sheathing. These baffles must run the entire length of the area from the soffit vents to the ridge vents. In order to use blow in insulation for this type of project, professionals attach heavy polyethylene plastic or rigid material to the bottom of the rafters to form a cavity that traps the insulation in place.

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