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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Preparing For Hurricane Season

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Living in Santa Rosa Beach means sun and warm temperatures, but it also means that residents will need to have their roofing prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes. It is often tempting to not worry about a roof until storms are about to hit, especially since hurricanes are not guaranteed to strike every year. Here are the top things to keep in mind to make sure the home is prepared for tropical storms and hurricanes.

When inspecting Santa Rosa Beach roofing, residents must make sure there are no loose shingles. If shingles are loose, they are going to blow off in a strong storm. Professionals at Art Construction will make sure that shingles are secured by nailing or caulking them. However, they will also replace shingles that are damaged and missing. The shingles on the roof help prevent water damage to a home, as well as protecting possessions from hail, wind and debris.

Residents also benefit from using tie-downs, or hurricane straps, to give their roofs an additional brace. These straps prevent homeowners from losing their entire roof during strong hurricane winds. Professionals are the best to talk to when determining if clips will be beneficial to a roofing system.

The final step residents can do with their roofs to prepare for the storm season is have an overall inspection performed. The inspections will look for rust or water damage that has weakened the roof.

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Whether residents perform the inspection themselves or hire a professional to do the work, it is important that more than the shingles be looked at. Areas around the vents may show sign of weakness through bubbling, cracks, or worn rubber, as well as checking the flashing throughout the roof. It is also important to look inside the home for mold or water rings. Finally, moss and algae are clear signs of decaying wood.

Once the roof has been taken care of and inspected, homeowners will want to make sure it is protected by preventing debris from hitting it. Residents should trim their trees so they are not hanging over the house. This will prevent branches from snapping during a storm and damaging the roof.

While it may seem insignificant to inspect the roof if no storms are coming in the near future, failure to prepare often leads to a greater expense overall. If the roofing is damaged on a home, water will leak into the house, which causes damage to the insulation, flooring and the structure of the home. Preparations are small annoyances compared to the possible repercussions to an unprotected home, especially when professionals can take care of the work without creating inconveniences to the homeowner.

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