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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Indications A New Roof Is Needed

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Sagging is one obvious sign that indicates the need for roof replacement. Oftentimes, a roof sags due to water damage. Water has seeped beneath the shingles causing an area of the roof to rot over time. A rotting roof cannot maintain its stability, so it begins to sag. A sagging roof can also be a sign that a section of the roof may be ready to collapse.

Another way to determine whether a new roof is necessary is to check for a substance that looks like gravel or sand inside the gutters. A common place to find this substance is in or near the splash block on the ground beneath the downspout. This granular substance comes from rotting shingles and is a common sign that the roof is wearing out. The shingles may have sustained damage from moisture or expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Homeowners who find a large amount of shingle granules in the gutters or in the splash block can take action by contacting Santa Rosa Beach roofing professionals.

A large number of loose or missing shingles is also a sign that a new roof is necessary.

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Shingles that are extremely discolored or cracked are also indications of a worn out roof. Loose shingles or peeling roof flashing around a chimney, skylight or vents can indicate the need for roof replacement. These gaps in the roof allow melted snow, ice or rain to get beneath the shingles. This can cause mold and rotting. Mold that is allowed to spread can invade every part of a roof. Furthermore, it may eventually gain entrance into an attic. This can cause poor air quality in a home.

Look for upward curled shingles on the roof. Ice may have worked its way beneath the shingles and caused water damage. Excessive heat can also cause loose shingles to curl. The shingle is no longer doing its job of protecting the home.

A trail of dark liquid or a series of dark spots can indicate the need for a replacement roof. This dark substance may be algae or mildew leaking down the side of a roof. Moisture has gotten beneath the shingles and mold has begun to grow.

Light entering the home through a hole or gap in the roof is another sign that roof replacement is necessary. If there is a gap that extensive, then it may also be allowing moisture to leak into the home.

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