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Homeowners must protect their homes from hurricanes, especially in hurricane prone areas such as Florida. The roof is one of the most critical parts of a house that should be checked for weaknesses. Here are some steps that homeowners can take to prepare their roofs for hurricanes. These procedures may seem daunting to homeowners, but they can always seek the help of a Santa Rosa Beach roofing specialist.

The first thing a homeowner should do to prepare for a hurricane is to inspect the roof. It is important to determine the type of roof on a home. Gabled roofs, which are roofs that are triangular shaped at the ends, are especially susceptible to hurricane damage. In many houses with gabled roofs, the trusses are held in place only by plywood sheathing fastened on top. A roof with this truss system may not be able to stay in place during a hurricane. Additional truss bracing can help maintain the roof's integrity during a storm.

A roof's truss system can be inspected from the attic. If a gabled roof does not have truss bracing, then this bracing needs to be installed. Truss bracing is comprised of two by fours that run along the length of a roof. These two by fours should be laid across the trusses and overlap at the ends. Gable end bracing is additional reinforcement that is installed from the center of the gable to the fourth truss. In addition to bracing, the plywood sheathing on top of the trusses may need to be properly installed.

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The sheathing may be inadequately attached to the trusses. If most of the nails or staples that come through the sheathing have missed the trusses, then the sheathing should be reinstalled.

The surface of a roof should also be inspected. To do this, the homeowner must be comfortable with heights and be able to tolerate heat. It is important to note that walking on certain roofing materials, such as tile and slate, can break them. Homeowners who are uncomfortable inspecting a roof alone can hire a roofing professional to perform the inspection. The roof should be checked for upturned, loose or missing shingles. Loose roof shingles can be secured with roof adhesive. The adhesive should be applied two to four weeks before a storm to allow enough time for curing. The spacing of the nails that hold the shingles in place should also be checked. These nails should be spaced 4 inches apart along edges.

A hurricane strap is a type of reinforcement designed to help hold a roof to a house's walls. Hurricane straps are made of galvanized metal and can withstand winds of more than 100 miles per hour. These straps will attach to almost any type of roof. Hurricane straps are required for homes in certain parts of the country. Since the straps can be difficult to install, homeowners may need the services of roofing professionals.

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