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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Five Alternatives To Traditional Asphalt Shingles

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Asphalt shingles are still the most common form of roofing used on American homes, but that situation is beginning to change. Alternatives to asphalt are often longer lasting, better looking and more energy efficient. Five of the most common roofing materials other than asphalt will be looked at below after highlighting the importance of choosing the right installation company.

Not all roofers are familiar with the latest alternatives to asphalt. It is imperative to use a contractor with a long history of success at installing these products. Homeowners will want to look at Santa Rosa Beach roofing companies with the status of Master Elite Roofing Contractor. Master Elite certification is issued by GAF Materials Corporation and requires the company's work to pass rigorous inspections for quality. Using a certified, licensed and highly experienced roofing contractor will ensure the five roof types listed below are installed with impeccable workmanship.

Gerard metal tile roofing consists of steel tiles coated with stone. This unique combination allows homeowners to enjoy the longevity of a metal roof and the beauty of contoured stone simultaneously. Furthermore, this type of roofing naturally keeps the substrate area dry, removing the need to rely on untrustworthy protective papers.

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A layer of air between the tiles and roof serves as an insulator and melts away snow to prevent ice dams. High ratings against hail, wind, fire and earthquakes are also scored by Gerard metal tiles. At 1.5 pounds per square foot, this material is surprisingly lightweight.

Concrete tile roofing is extremely strong and comes in numerous shapes and colors. It often lasts for a lifetime and comes with extensive warranties. Concrete not only endures the wind and weather, but it also stands up well against salt. Thus, it is a good seaside roofing choice. Its ability to insulate a home against noise pollution also makes it a top pick for those living near airports, train tracks and busy highways.

Cedar shakes are an older alternative to asphalt, but they are still a good one. They resist moisture and insects and utilize one of the toughest varieties of wood on the planet. Low shrinkage, high insulation and a rustic appearance are additional benefits.

Two types of thermoplastic roofing membrane are common in the United States: TPO and PVC. TPO offers a great range of colors while PVC tends to be lightly toned to increase energy efficiency. TPO is reinforced with polyester and is very hard to puncture. It is chemical resistant, is flexible amid temperature changes and has incredibly tough seams. PVC shares most of the benefits of TPO, but it is particularly effective at UV light protection.

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