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One of the biggest challenges of having a roof repaired is making sure the roofer works with residents' fluctuating schedules and completes the job on time. Tearing down and replacing a roof is a delicate, time sensitive task that requires extensive training and, preferably, years of experience. Many problems can occur when untrained contractors are hired to repair damage done to a roof during a storm. Often, unlicensed, part time roofers make low offers on repairs in neighborhoods hit by severe weather, and homeowners are tempted to save money on parts and labor. However, Santa Rosa Beach roofing contractors without the proper licenses, training and credentials put homeowners at risk of accidents and unfinished work.

About 70 percent of negative feedback reported to the Better Business Bureau is related to roofing projects. Many problems have to do with warranties that were voided due to improper installation or factors outside of the roofer's control, such as faulty home wiring. A voided warranty isn't always the roofer's fault; shingle companies can only guarantee their products under certain conditions. If attic insulation is installed incorrectly and causes an electrical fire that destroys the roof, the shingle warranty doesn't cover replacement materials or labor. In this case, the homeowner has 100 percent liability for the roof replacement. Many other complaints arise from disputes with contractors over unfinished jobs or work that isn't completed on time.

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Residential roofers aren't legally required to have proper insurance or bonding, so accidents and unfinished work can leave homeowners with extremely high bills and legal problems for which they have no recourse.

A roofing project can be a big investment, but it's relatively small compared to the value of the entire home. It makes sense to invest in high quality parts and labor so that the investment doesn't have to be made again for several decades. The best way to ensure that a roof will last as long as it should is to get the Golden Pledge warranty. Only GAF Master Elite contractors can offer this warranty, which covers 100 percent of all parts and labor under all circumstances for 50 years. To receive this warranty, GAF materials must be installed, and a factory inspection must follow the installation. The inspection ensures that proper procedure was followed and that preventable disasters, such as electrical fires, won't damage the roof. The cost of these benefits is only about 10 percent more than the cost of a standard roof, and because a Master Elite roofer performs the installation, homeowners can be sure that the work will be done on time and within the family's schedule.

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