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Dry rot and mold can have catastrophic consequences for homeowners. It only takes a small amount of moisture to start the process going, and once started, it is hard to stop. A moisture level of only 20 percent can activate fungus spores. This means that if the wood is damp to the touch, it may already have a problem.

Dry rot is actually caused by an invasion of wood eating fungus. The fungus doesn't need much to survive, just food, some moisture and moderate temperatures. The average home is a perfect temperature for this type of fungus, and wood is its favorite food. All it needs is a bit of moisture to get started.

Once that moisture is present, tiny fungus spores begin to wake up and spread. They immediately start to eat the structure of a home. The wood becomes weak and brittle, eventually leading to structural problems. It can all begin with a very small leak, and it takes an experienced contractor to identify and treat the problem. Santa Rosa Beach roofing experts will evaluate the roof and determine if dry rot is a problem.

Some modern improvements, such as pressure treated wood, help to fight dry rot. Most lumber that is used in housing today is treated to prevent fungus from using it for food.

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Unfortunately, other home building practices make the problem worse. Homes today are watertight. That means that once moisture is trapped inside the lumber of a home, it can be very difficult to dry out. The fungus can grow in areas that may not even be accessible.

Once dry rot begins, it doesn't stop. Even a small roof leak will slowly increase the moisture and humidity levels in a home. Once established, the fungus that causes dry rot can spread at a rate of 9 to 10 feet per year. It can even penetrate microscopic holes in concrete and brick to spread beyond fire walls and other barriers.

The best defense against the damage caused by fungus in a home is a moisture free interior. Without it, the fungus can never get a hold on the house. Homeowners should schedule regular roof inspections to check for leaks and be sure that the inspector checks all of the seals and flashing on the roof as well. Seals can crack and shrink during dry weather, allowing moisture to penetrate later. To prevent dry rot fungus from destroying a home, property owners should be proactive and make sure that the roof is secure.

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