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There are many reasons why walking on a roof is not a good idea. From the possible health hazards to the damage it can cause to the house, walking on a roof is generally a bad idea. People have lost their lives, broken limbs and caused severe injury to themselves from roofing accidents. Only Santa Rosa Beach roofing experts with the proper experience and training should ever walk on the roof.

The first and most obvious reason to avoid walking on the roof is the potential for physical harm. Most residential roofs do not have direct access from the inside, which means simply getting on the roof is a chore. Roofing on houses are usually pitched to one extent or another with no added foot holds or railing. Asphalt roofing accounts for approximately three in every four homes. Walking on an asphalt roof can be slick if wet or icy and generally difficult for maintaining balance due to the pitch. Even when perfectly dry, asphalt shingles can be slick. Many people are injured each year from accidents involving walking on roofing.

Beyond the physical problems that can result, walking on a roof can damage the roof itself.

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As mentioned, asphalt is the most common residential roofing material on the market. The material is made up of small asphalt granules that allow proper drainage of water off the roof line. When walked upon, the tread of the shoe erodes the granules, causing the roof to deteriorate even faster. This deterioration causes warping of the shingles and leaking.

While walking on a roof may occasionally be necessary for inspection, repair or maintenance, only a professional should attempt this as there are more acceptable methods for working on roofing. Clay tile roofing for example, can become cracked or broken if a certain amount of weight is added. Roofing professionals will often use planks or boards to more evenly distribute weight to avoid excess weight directly upon a specific part of a tile.

Walking on the roof can cause damage to the interior due to leaking. While damage may not be evident at the time, a shingle or tile can tear or loosen. This problem may not present itself until a leak is discovered in the interior of the house. Leaks left untreated can result in mold and other allergens. Only allowing a professional roofer to access and walk upon the roof is the safest method for both preventing personal injury and promoting longevity of the roof itself.

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