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Gutters are an important aspect of maintaining a house that homeowners often forget about until the problem becomes visible. Many things can be wrong with the gutters before they start leaking or pulling away from the house. Because downspouts are designed to carry the water from the gutter to a safe location away from the home's foundation, the roof's shingles, deck and other wooden structures are all in danger when the gutters do not flow properly.

The gutters are the first level of defense against water damage occurring to the roof, siding or basement. Due to overspill or improperly angled downspouts, water that seeps into the ground too close to the foundation can cause it to crack. When gutters are cluttered with leaves, twigs and other debris, such as excess asphalt granules that have fallen off the roof, the water can back up on the roof and underneath the shingles. For that reason, it is as important to keep the gutters repaired as it is the roof.

In fact, most reputable Santa Rosa Beach roofing companies will make gutter checks a regular part of their roof inspection routine. That inspection protects the homeowner's investment.

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Small problems can be quickly taken care of by a professional contractor who is trained in handling gutter issues and roof repairs. When gutters are kept clean of debris and rust, they can do their job of funneling water away from the roof. If they are damaged, they fail to protect the home.

For example, in wet or humid climates, rust can actually eat its way through steel gutters. Without a routine inspection, homeowners won't know something is wrong until the gutter starts leaking. Falling tree branches during a major storm can poke a hole in aluminum gutters, even seamless ones. To prevent such holes from getting bigger, they have to be patched by an expert right away. Neglecting the gutters only makes the problem worse.

Patching materials have to match the gutters exactly. Otherwise, the patch will only encourage corrosion. While caulking can work for pinholes, aluminum flashing is always used to patch larger holes in aluminum gutters. A trained roofer won't use aluminum flashing to patch galvanized steel. The difference between the two metals will cause one metal to corrode the other.

Lack of expertise is the primary reason why homeowners should not try to patch the gutters themselves. Without proper training, they won't know what to look for or how to go about making the repairs.

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