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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Common Roof Storm Damage

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From light rain to gale-force winds, weather batters rooftops every day of the year. When a particularly bad storm passes through an area, the roof could have more damage than can be seen from ground level. It's crucial to hire Santa Rosa Beach roofing experts to verify any repairs that must be completed. Ignoring storm damage only makes the structure vulnerable to increased leaks in the future.

Storm damage may not seem severe if the roof is littered with debris. From leaves to branches, debris could completely cover a damaged area. Shingle sections could be missing, or a hole may have developed during the storm. If any significant debris is on a roof, homeowners should contact professionals to have them inspect the entire surface. They'll remove the debris safely and examine the rooftop. Any damages will be noted and estimated for the homeowner. Some contractors even take photos of the damage for detailed discussions with homeowners.

Shingles are strong materials, but they could be damaged by over-sized hail. These ice balls fall from the sky, striking the roof with great force. Contractors surveying the roof could find dents in the shingles. These divots aren't necessarily leak points, but they do weaken the shingle. If dented shingles aren't replaced, they'll usually have a shorter lifespan compared to normal roofing materials.

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Roofers can discuss all options with the homeowner if dents arise. When a hailstorm strikes, it usually dents the entire rooftop.

High winds can damage shingles, especially if they're reaching the end of their lifespan. Winds easily lift shingle edges, causing them to crack off or curl up. These sections must be replaced because moisture will find its way under the lifted materials. Any moisture infiltrating the roof compromises the wood deck and interior walls with potential decay.

If homeowners see metal pieces in their yard, roofers need to examine the structure immediately. Metal pieces are also called flashing. These sections cover transition points on the rooftop, such as valleys or where shingles meet penetrations. When flashing is missing, large rooftop areas are exposed to weathering and possible leaks. They are critical for a continuously waterproof rooftop.

Homeowners can do their part to observe any strange items that strike the ground during a storm. If shingle pieces or granules consistently fall from the roof, professionals must survey the damage when the weather clears. Damaged shingles have the potential to allow water leaks into the home where they create stains, mold and mildew problems.

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