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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Cleaning Rain Gutters and Downspouts

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Most homeowners don't look forward to cleaning out their gutters, but maintaining the gutters keeps the roof and foundations of the house safe from water damage. Homeowners shouldn't have to clean their gutters out more than one or two times a year unless they have several trees around the gutters. Debris from the trees can necessitate extra cleanings. If the gutters are damaged when cleaning time rolls around, homeowners may need to call in Santa Rosa Beach roofing experts for repairs.

Homeowners use a ladder to access the gutters. A long enough stepladder may be sufficient, but for taller roofs, homeowners will need to use an extension ladder. If using an extension ladder, homeowners should attach a stabilizer bar to the top. The stabilizer bar keeps the ladder from leaning against the gutters and creates sturdier working conditions. Homeowners should never attempt to move a ladder they are standing on. Any adjustments to an unstable ladder should be made from the safety of the ground.

Wearing a sturdy pair of work gloves keeps the hands safe from sharp debris or nails that might protrude from the gutter hangers.

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Using a plastic scoop can make it easier to clear out particularly stuffed portions of the gutter. Keeping a drop cloth underneath the ladder allows the debris to be collected easily and prevents the debris from making a mess all over the lawn.

Once the gutters are clear, homeowners should run water down the gutter via a hose to clean out dirt buildup and see if the downspouts are clogged. If the water only comes out of the downspouts in a small trickle, or not at all, then the downspouts will need to be cleaned out as well. Trying to flush out the downspouts with the hose may dislodge anything caught inside, but if the water still does not push through, homeowners can use a plumber's snake to clear out any large obstructions.

For homeowners with gutters that continually clog, installing a gutter guard system may be a prudent investment. While cheap mesh guards are available in most hardware stores, these are flimsy and unreliable, and if they let debris into the gutter, cleaning will be even more difficult with the screens in the way. Homeowners should use professionally installed gutter guards. These will often come with a warranty, fit seamlessly onto the gutter and prevent the great majority of debris from entering the gutters.

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