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With an elegant and classic look, clay roofing tiles offer both a beautiful aesthetic and durable addition to a home. One of the most durable options available, a clay tile roof is designed to survive virtually any type of weather with no difficulty. When talking to Santa Rosa Beach roofing experts about options for a new roof, clay tile should be at the top of the list for many different reasons.

There are so many advantages to adding a clay tile roof, but one of the only disadvantages is the cost. Clay tiles are a more expensive option for the initial installation than other types of roofing materials. Over the course of time, the roof will most definitely pay for itself. The lifespan of clay roofs is substantially longer than virtually any other type of roof, in many cases outlasting the rest of the building.

Additionally, ceramic clay tiles are incredibly energy efficient. They naturally insulate from all extreme temperatures. As an insulator, they preserve the comfortable inside temperature of the home much better, creating less effort for the heating and air system.

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This saves money on monthly heating and cooling expenses and is better for the environment by being less taxing on the power grid.

For those that want the same protection and overall appearance as clay tiles but do not have the budget for clay, concrete tiles may be a better option. Concrete tiles are both energy efficient and offer great protection against the elements. While these tiles will not last as long as ceramic clay, it is designed to last up to and perhaps more than 50 years. This is still considerably longer than commonly used asphalt roofing.

Maintenance on clay and concrete tiles is generally low, another benefit of this type of roof. These roofs will hold-up quite nicely to most weather issues with no need for repair. They will not rot and are resistant to mold and fungus. When professionals must access the roof, to ensure that no added pressure or weight falls upon a specific tile, they will often use planks to more evenly distribute the weight and prevent cracking or breaking.

In discussing the many roofing options available for a home, getting information about the ways that clay or concrete tiles can benefit the property is a good idea. Adding significantly to the overall value of the home, a clay tile roof will not only look amazing but will also pay for itself in savings.

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