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When a homeowner decides to replace an old roof, there are many factors for him or her to take into consideration. While aesthetics might be forefront in a homeowner's mind, there is a lot more to think about than just how he or she wants the roof to look. Naturally, cost is an important factor. The weight of the roofing materials and their installation requirements are also essential elements. These are all things that can be discussed with a Santa Rosa Beach roofing contractor to determine what is right for a home.

It's best if a homeowner doesn't get their heart set on one particular type of roofing material because not every type of roofing material works on every type of roof. A flat roof will require a different type of surface than a roof with a high slope. Slate and tile are heavy; many homes simply don't have a sturdy enough structure to hold their weight. Replacing a roof with similar roofing materials to match what was previously there is typically a safe bet.

Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material because they are the most affordable and the easiest of all to install. That is not to say that any type of roofing material is easy to install.

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All roofing work takes a lot of physical strength and is very repetitive, which is a main reason why the majority of homeowners do not perform this type of work themselves. Safety considerations also come into play when deciding to have a roofing contractor do the job.

Wood was the primary roofing material used for centuries. Nowadays, it's still a good option to consider, but it may not be allowed in certain regions due to local fire codes. Metal roofing is gaining in popularly due to its durability and fire resistance. It's also much lighter in weight than other types of roofing. Because of that, it's considered safer in the event of an earthquake or hurricane. Tile and cement tiles are expensive, durable and heavy. Slate is a higher end choice that is very heavy but also very long lasting.

Typically, if a homeowner is remodeling, the existing type of roof will be the main factor when choosing a type for replacement. If other options are being considered, homeowners should take into mind not just the cost but also the appearance of the roofing, its weight and how long it is expected to last.

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