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Santa Rosa Beach Roofing: Article About Applying Wood Shingle Preservative Treatments

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Wood shingles can be one of the longest lasting roofing options available if a homeowner is careful in the maintenance of the shingles. There are many different treatment options available for homeowners to consider, many of which are recommended by Santa Rosa Beach roofing specialists. These preservative products are designed to be applied to different types of wood shingles and shakes to hinder the growth of wood rotting fungi and mosses. When used correctly, these preservatives can be enough to naturally extend the life of the roof without any adverse effects on the structure.

The roof's condition at the time of the application will usually determine how much the treatment will improve the roof's longevity. If the roof is already old and beginning to show obvious and extensive signs of deterioration, then the treatment solutions might not be as effective as they could have been. On the other hand, if the roof is still relatively new and has not experienced any extensive signs of damage, the treatments will be much more beneficial.

Before applying the products to the shingles, professionals will be as careful as possible.

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One of the most important things that all individuals should do is spread the coating as evenly across the roof's surface as they can. Drips and runs should be avoided during the procedure. It is always better to apply a few light coats to the shingles to create proper absorption instead of trying to force the entire mixture onto the roof in one application. Professionals will strive to reach a certain point of retention, and if the shingles do not retain the treatment, then it will ultimately be ineffective. A large amount of the decay that occurs in the shingles does so in the butt region. This means that professionals will try to cover the exposed butts as carefully as they would the rest of the shingle's surface.

There are three different methods that roof specialists may use to properly apply the treatments. They may use brushing, spraying or rolling with a thickly napped roller. Most professionals will use a pump sprayer on a coarse spray setting to correctly cover an uneven surface. All spraying should be done on a windless day in order to prevent overspray from harming the rest of the yard. Brushes are recommended options as well, especially if the homeowner has a smaller rooftop that they can cover in a few hours of work.

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