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Proper insulation is essential to the overall comfort of a home. Insulation can reduce a homeowner's energy bill by lessening the loss of air to the outdoors. Experts estimate that 40 percent of energy consumed in the home is from heating and air conditioning. Therefore, insulation provides an effective border between the outdoors and the indoor environment. Insufficient levels of insulation or opened gaps in the building can cause both air and heat to escape the building's envelope, increasing the need for heating and air conditioning units to work harder.

The "building envelope" is the margin between the interior and exterior of a home, which encompasses the roof, ceiling, walls and floors. Housing trends reflect that a building envelope with added insulation is the business standard for energy effectiveness. No matter the type of insulation in the home, Santa Rosa Beach roofing professionals can examine an attic for air gaps and determine the need for additional insulation.

However, prior to calling the professionals, homeowners should check the attic's current insulation level. Attic insulation that is less or at the same level as the floor joists requires more insulation. A joist is a piece of lumber positioned horizontally that attaches the planks of the floor. There is no need to add materials if the filling covers the joists.

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Furthermore, an expert can seal the home and eliminate the gaps that prevent air from leaking out of the house. Covering holes can also stop poor air from entering the home and exposing a family to toxic fumes, dust and dirt. In addition to repairing openings, increasing the level of insulation will create a tight building envelope, which can improve the air quality and lessen the usage of the heating and air units.

The manufacturer's R value determines the amount of material needed. Companies derive the R value by exposing the insulation materials to heat and ascertain the product's ability to resist the heat flow. The higher the R value rating, the better the thermal output a homeowner can expect from the insulation.

Moreover, a homeowner can measure the effectiveness of the insulation's thermal performance by its proper installation and the usage of the correct materials. Types of insulation inventory include spry type, batting, rigid foam panels and loose fill. Some products are easy to install by reading the manufacturer's directions. However, it is wise to hire a professional for loose fill insulation as the filling demands a blowing machine.

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