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During the winter months, even southern areas of the United States may experience freezing precipitation such as sleet, ice or snow. A home that is unprepared for this sort of event may develop significant interior and exterior damage. To lessen the risk of winter storm damage, homeowners can undertake a few home projects to winterize their homes. Panama City roofing experts can provide professional assistance to ensure that all preventive maintenance and repairs are performed correctly. These top three action steps can be taken any time of the year to protect the house.

Adding insulation to the attic of a home is the most important action a homeowner can take to prevent roof damage caused by ice, sleet, freezing rain or snow. In an uninsulated or insufficiently insulated attic, warm air from the interior of the structure allows frozen precipitation to melt. Refreezing takes place in the rain gutters. A few freeze and thaw cycles may result in the development of an ice dam. By adding some batting, blanket or loose fill insulation to the attic area, homeowners can lessen the risk of water leaks due to ice dams.

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In addition to adding insulation to the attic, homeowners can also insulate water pipes, walls, electrical sockets and the home's foundation. These actions help lessen the chances of a burst pipe during freezing temperatures.

When a sudden snap of cold weather is forecast, homeowners should be sure that their rain gutters are clear of any debris. The gutters must be able to channel any liquid precipitation into the downspouts and away from the home's foundation. Temporary insulation or heating strips can also be attached to the gutters.

The last step that property owners should take for winterizing a house is to have the roof inspected. Any curled, loose or missing shingles should be replaced. Loose or missing roofing nails should also be replaced or fixed. Old caulking should be scraped off and replaced with a fresh layer around any rooftop openings, such as where vents, ventilation systems or flues are located. Any loose vent covers should be securely attached to the roof or siding with the proper type of nails for the building material. Cracked or missing aluminum flashing should be replaced along the peaks and valleys of the rooflines. Rotted fascia boards should be replaced with treated lumber and covered with a waterproof finish. All of these activities help prevent the risk of wintertime roof leaks.

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